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'69 Alfa GTV project - what's it worth?

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I have a part fininished '69 GTV project that i'm considering selling.
I just don't seem to have the time to finish it.

It's painted (average quality) has new carpet, new brakes. Interior is in very good condition although not completely refitted. Tires are good, car looks very presentable. All chrome is complete and in good shape.

It needs:- brake lines, clutch lines, fuel lines. It hasn't run for 3 years so i've no idea what condition the engine is in (it was running o.k. when I got it) It needs a windshield, headliner and interior fitted. It needs the glass and doors refitted (doors are from a '74 so it needs the later window winder mechanisms).

I believe I have everything to finish it apart from the windshield and window winder mechanisms.

Any idea what this is worth?

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It's impossible to accurately value a car like this without pictures. What's the chassis number?
also, where is the car located?
Sorry, the car is in North Carolina.

I don't have any recent pictures but i'll take some and post tomorrow.
Here are a few pictures ...


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