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I have a '69 Giulia Super that at some point had its heater box replaced with an earlier model, and as a result the heater controls are funky/not correct (there's a thread here: '69 Super heater console question)

As a result, I'm looking for the appropriate heaters controls. Specifically this (the images here come from this very nice page Alfa Romeo Giulia Super Restoration part 11 – Things That Happened): I don't need the water/oil console, as I've already got that
Motor vehicle Gas Automotive exterior Machine Bumper

I would love the entire box, which as I understand was on the '69-'73 versions:
Wood Camera accessory Gadget Luggage and bags Film camera

But I'll take what I can get. I'm in the US (I realize these years weren't imported here) and of course I'm willing to pay shipping

Thanks so much,
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