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I am in process of rebuilding my front suspension bushes. My steering was loose and I could see noticeable movement in the lower A-arm bushes.

I have removed the lower part of the suspension but have come across a couple of questions and hope someone can help:

1. Any tips on getting out the A-arm bushes? There seems to be nowhere to get a good grip or pressing them out from the inside.

2. The bushes in my car seem to be normal rubber kind bushes quite different from the new Lemforder bushes I have received is this to be expected?

3. I have the upper and lower bump stops but in addition there is bump stop in the center of the springs. The bad news is that the bump stop towers are badly corroded (especially passenger side). There is a small hole at the where the top arm slots into the body. Water and dirt has gotten in though this hole over the 47 years and caused corrosion from the inside. Otherwise the car is pretty corrosion free.

Maybe a stupid question but are these bump stops needed? There seems to be two bump stops limiting the upwards travel?
The rubber bump stop needs replacing but the usual suppliers does not seem to carry this item?

4. As I understand one would normally expect a deep (passenger) and shallow (driver) spring pan. On mine they are identical but some spacers are introduced between the 4 spring pan bolts to lower the passanger side some mm. It all looks original but is this normal for spiders this age?


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