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67 GTV on e-bay

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there is a red '67 GTV on e-bay item #2407105575. It looks like it needs alot of work. Does anyone know anthing about this car?
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Thanks Simon.
AlfaBB member RtbRacer already looked into the car and I have some pictures of it. The car is pretty rough and needs a complete restoration. I'd wait to see if anything closer to you pops up, you never know what is lying in your neighbors garage! To me, the car is not worth more than $2000. If you really want the car, bid at the last minute or just wait for something better in the near future. GTV's are a dime a dozen. Also, the car has rust, everyone has a different explanation to how bad rust is on a car, especially from the sellers standpoint.
Sellers Quote: "Undercarriage has rust issues and holes"

My Quote: "Run Forest Run!"
figure $1200 for the car and $800 for the cromadora wheels (providing they are straight originals)
67 GTV

Thanks guys. So Anthony, are you getting tired of your new ride yet?
I personally would be suspicious of this Alfa's authenticity. Based on what I see it is not 100% original.

She should have green quadrifoglio emblems on the C pillars. The absence of emblems leads me to think that this is an earlier Giulia Sprint GT, not a Veloce model. The grill looks like it's off a GT Jr. The rims are not stock for that year. They should be 15" steel wheels. And who added that ding guard and where'd they find that mirror? The VIN should start with AR followed by six digits. With that said, I wonder how many Alfas contributed to the interior.

Alvin check out my web site if you want to see a couple of real '67 GTVs.


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no, still enjoying driving it and only putting $25 in gas a week as opposed to $100 a week in the truck. maybe, when gas and house prices come down.
some things to note on this car:

front seats also show it is a junior and not a gt veloce

just did a serial number check on the car and it comes up as a 1967 GT 1300 Junior

steering wheels is off a 1300 giulia ti

does it still have the 1300 or did they replace it with a1600, 1750, or 2000

does it still have the gt junior tranny with .85 fifth gear (same as gta)
If you are really interested in getting a GTV and don't mind driving AWHILE in an unproven car. Check out this one in Salt Lake City.
The car looks pretty nice, could use some bodywork and molding. Otherwise, it looks like it is a good car though. Check this out before the other.

Or how about this one??!! A 1952 Matta Army Jeep AR 51! Oh man, if I had lots of dough...


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Hi guys, the jeep looks cool. The GTV in Salt Lake has been up on ebay a couple of times before. I am not sure I want to start restoring another car. I have almost four years into my '73 GTV. I was planning on starting the restoration of my '69 once the '73 is completed but I am not sure any more. I might just sell it and buy a restored one. If I end up selling the '69, I will have a lot of nice parts (some new) for sale. By the way, I have a '74 that I am going to throw away. It is mostly stripped and I cut the nose off but it still has the suspension, stearing box and dealer airconditioning control unit. Anyone interested? The car is free, just haul it away.
alvin moreno said:
Anyone interested? The car is free, just haul it away.
I'm interested but cant take a look untill monday or so!
yeah alvin,
let simon take a look at it. i'll tow it outta there for him if he wants it.
Hi Anthony, Simon is welcome anytime. Did you get my e-mail with the short clip?

On a separate note, I would like to have an Alfa BBQ/pool party at my pad (Van Nuys - by 405 & 101 Fwy) sometime in May or June. I figured on wipping up some ribs, hot dogs and burgers. Anoyone interested?
alvin moreno said:
ribs, hot dogs and burgers
Alvin you are really making my day! You can count me in 4 sure.
food and alfa's, can't go wrong with that! we'll look for a good date. there are a few car events going on those months, just gotta find the free weekend. we'll talk to you more on that later.

yeah, i got the clip, it's funny!
Excellent. Lets revisit in April to see what works best.

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