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67 GTV heater valve

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Can these be rebuilt by replacing the rubber?



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Simple answer: Yes !

Just buy a new rubber membrane and reassemble the heater valve...
The US suppliers say this rubber part is no longer available. Do you have a source?

Please let me know,
I noticed IAP has them listed in their catalog, # 34427. Have you tried them?
Didn't someone recently mention that these rubber diaphragms are identical to a Triumph TR3/4 or MGB part???
Thanks...I'm calling IAP now.

Yep...$20 with shipping from IAP to CA.
Umm... possibly too late, but this seal is available from for GBP £2.90.
It's not listed in the online catalogue, so you have to email to ask for it as I did a few weeks back.
Thanks the one from classic alfa an exact duplicate of original or a replacement from another car? IAP's is a from some other car, but fits and feels a little flimsy...compared to the original the diaphram is thinner rubber.

Will watch how this works. I need to change one out myself!
Thanks the one from classic alfa an exact duplicate of original or a replacement from another car?
I couldn't tell you for sure. To be certain, you'd best email them to ask.

They remanufacture so many other parts, and in my experience are particularly fussy about quality, so I would expect it's probably a copy of an original.

All I know is that it fits, so my heater is going back into the car this week - the second week of Spring :eek:

I have previously purchased one of these seals from a local supplier here in Oz two years back. I paid a whopping AUD40.00 for it and it didn't last 12 months. The rubber perished and it leaked fluid onto my new carpets. Grrr! :mad:

Compare to the last one I had, I can tell this one is better quality just by the look and feel of it.
To preserve my carpets I pressure tested it by clamping my garden hose on to the heater and crimping the outlet hose on the other side. I opened and closed the valve a few times, left it for an hour or so... no leaks yet. :)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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