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65 Stepnose without the step?

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I found this ad while avoiding doing anything productive this morning (I'm retired and my wife doesn't read AlfaBB):
Mint original Alfa Sprint gt with matching nr RHD For Sale (1965) on Car And Classic UK [C656208]

What's puzzling is that the hood seems to fit almost flush with the nose on this "all original" car. Is it just my old eyes or is the hood's fit wrong?
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Could it be unlatched and already tipped up a bit in the photos?

(old eyes as well)
Maybe. I tried enlarging the photo on my monitor. That didn't help. It does appear that the hood either doesn't fit well or is unlatched.
The front is a correct step nose. Just hard to see with the pure white paint !!
Not sure what all the fuss is about. Its clearly a step nose.
It's not clear to me, a 33-year stepnose owner and Alfista for 50 years, which is why I asked the question.

Where's the "fuss"? (A display of unnecessary or excessive excitement)
It's 100 % stepnose.

the problem is the device used to take pictures. it distorts the proportions and do not highlight the car. :frown2:
I don't remember now from my old stepnose, but were there shims under the fwd hinges which might have been taken out, thus dropping the front of the hood slightly?
Thank you one and all.
My car a 64 sprint gt shows a definite gap here where the leading edge finishes level with the corners, however given the cars owner has stated it is correct in all the things that are normally altered like the 6 bar grill heart and Dunlop brakes and the chrome bumper it seems unlikely this aspect would have been overlooked or not noticed if it was not as per original, though the images are somewhat contradictory .
Thank you one and all.
See above.
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