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...a warning about NEVER shifting into 5th unless the engine temp is above 175 degree Farenheit...can anyone shed light on why this is?
I concur with others on this. Excessive engine wear can occur if under heavy load when cold. I think Alfa is simply stating that the oils be fully warmed up before exercising the full potential of the vehicle.

If I take out my 1974 Spider (it's SPICA, just like jcgoodlett2's 1981) when it's cold (something like 20 degrees Fahrenheit), and shift into 5th gear when the engine is not fully warmed-up, it will turn off. Yes, it will quit running!
I'd be most interested in learning more about this. I can not find anything in any Alfa document I have that mentions or shows a connection between the trans and the Spica pump (or ignition) for any Spica equipped year.
OTOH, maybe we should get together and fix it, eh? :)
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