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5th Annual Kirkland Concours d’Elegance

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Went yesterday to the event and found it to be the best to date. The weather was perfect and the selection of cars as usual was impeccable highlighted by the famous “Blue Train” Bentleys. There were several other big Bentleys, American prewar classic, brass era cars, but prewar coachbuilt French cars were the highlight. There was also a nice selection of vintage motorcycles and speedboats (Riva, Crisscraft). This really has become the nicest concours in the Northwest to attend.....and no, you did not have to dress up and the twenty dollars apiece (with your AAA card) was not unreasonable (especially to those who coughed up over a hundred to attend Concours italiano or the the show at the Quail Lodge at Monterey last August).
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Fantastic day - fantastic cars.


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