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Hi all,

I thought I should post an update on my Sprint, and ask for some help on one aspect. I will post photos later this week.

I have been slowly taking parts off the car where it stands behind the garage where I bought it about 4 months ago. What was left of the interior, the engine, the front steering and suspension components and other under- bonnet parts are all off. I have managed to buy a pair of doors, replacement fuel tank, boot lid and assorted other small parts for the car. I have had the radiator re-cored and have restored the steering box and arms and the wiper mech.
The engine in the car came from a 59 TI, and will not be going back in. I have not yet seen the transmission, but believe it was from a 101 Sprint, which I intend to have re-built although I have other transmissions if the original is not good.
The plan for the car is to get it structurally sound and restore it with the intention of using it for classic rallying (e.g with many non-original parts). I will then over time probably try to collect the original parts and restore it to full original spec.

I am currently stripping the front suspension, but have hit a snag. The lower ball joint is very loose and the upper quite stiff. I would like to take them both out and it looks like the back of the ball joint housing comes off. I have removed the retaining clips and tried to unscrew them but even with heat, kinetic encouragement and swearing they refuse to budge. Any ideas?
The plan (once they are out) is to send the lot off to be blasted and powder coated.

Next week I have an entire week dedicated to the car (wife & kids away!). I intend to take the rear axle off, then weld stringers across the car to keep it straight. I will then move it to a local blasting workshop to have it media blasted to I can see what I am dealing with. After that, the welding starts- mostly in the floor area. I have already managed to get hold of some good crossmembers and will probably be fabricating the actual floors myself. Then, off to my friendly sprayer for (I think) Grigio Chiaro, put all the bits back on, green leather interior, oil, petrol, off we go!:D

(Probably not all next week!)
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