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I was in touch with the owner of this car:

eBay Motors: Alfa Romeo : Spider (item 190180395324 end time Dec-09-07 16:43:08 PST)

when it was (still is?) offered for sale in the AROC classifieds. Beware: I paid $400 for a professional, independant inspection of this car. The owner failed to disclose any number of very visable defects in the car (like a big dent in the hood) which defects quickly appeared in the inspection report and pictures taken by the inspection company. The inspection the owner refers to in his listing was, in fact, was paid for by me. There is plenty of bondo under the paint, which needs repainting under the front bumper, the hood (after the dent is repaired), and both rocker panels.

I was incensed that a fellow Alfa Club owner wouldn't disclose that which was incredibly obvious to the eye.

Don't buy this car unseen by you, or without a visual and professional independent inspection. The engine, BTW, is a '67 1300 Junior, which the owner didn't know, until I asked for the engine number and did the research.
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