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4x108 American Racing "revolutions"??

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SOLD! thanks bb
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American Mags

Those wheels use a shouldered lug nut. Those were the wheels to have if you ran a 750/101 car in SCCA. If you find someone to buy them please let them know I have 2 more that I would like to sell, that way they can have a spare and an extra.
Hi, Minilites also came bored for shoulder lug nuts but were often sleeved with a steel insert with recessed cone to accept the use of the Alfa conical nuts.


Thanks for the input guys!
I assume they are 15x6"?
I assume they are 15x6"?
Sorry, size updated in 1st post.
In my humble opinion these are much nicer looking and similar quality and weight to the revolutions you desire. They predate the Revolutions by several years. I have owned and used both.

The Americans are very strong wheels although they do tend to bend without cracking after decades of banging curbs on race cars and being roughly handled by trackside tire machines. My guess is that at least one of these is bent if carefully checked with a straight edge on a hub, although probably not preventing it's use. These, like the Revolutions were specifically made to clear the large 750/101 series brake drums. Vintage Revolutions are very nice wheels but are not going to have a tapered insert either. They will require a similar mag wheel nut, but with a different outside diameter. You may have to have nuts made or turned down on the od to use either American or Revolution wheels.

I have two sets (8) of Americans like these that I am not currently using. However I wouldn't mind putting a couple just in case spares with them in the attic to keep Mr. Murphy off my back.

I think you should use them, but if you have your heart set on Revolutions, I will leave you and the poster with the pair of spares, offers via Private Message.

Curtis Wood
SCCA HP/FP Giulietta Spider (JJ)
[email protected]
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Yes, these wheels are the 'bees knees' !
The shouldered nug nut are available new from a few sources, even in left hand thread.
It would be good to know the offset on these as they were popular on a variety of different cars.

These are quite straight and they have no curbing marks, I don't think they were ever on a race car since the previous owner had them on a spider Duetto since the late 70's and swapped them out for some original steel wheels.

I would use them but I think I am going with some Mesh wheels I recently found which I really like. I'd keep them for future use but I rather have the cash for upcoming goodies.

101/105 guy, Yes I like the 4 spoke/4 lug designs. DO you know who sells the correct nuts for these? Offsets are not marked on the wheels but they did fit offset wise and brake clearance wise on my Spider

The whole time I thought these were from a Mustang.
Gorilla Nuts has the right ones for Alfas. I bought a new set for my American Silverstone mags.


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I am interested, will pm later

Sid Gage
From iphone
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