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Hi All,

The Maserati dealership in Walnut Creek, CA debuted the 4C (model car) this weekend and the Alfa club organized a viewing (thanks guys!). Nice GTV, Guilietta, Duetto and a Series 2 spider also on display.

I tried to load a video so you could experience the tasteful exhaust notes but the BB gave a message about security, etc.

I can only imagine how hot it will get in that car but the likely joy of cornering should overcome that.

84 dealers are splitting up the 500 cars for this year. When I asked how they were going to manage the demand (60 inquiries for 2 cars) the very diplomatic reply was they would look at their exisiting customer base, i.e. those that are buying the Maserati's, Bentley'. etc they are selling are getting first crack.


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