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1960 Giulietta Spider
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I am preparing DCOE2 to use on a 750 Veloce engine. I see that the factory used two different 1300 setups:
101 105
Veloce Veloce
29 mm 28mm main venturi
4.5 4.5 aux vent
110 112 main jet
200 210 air correction jet
F16 F16 emulsion tube
50F11 50F11 idle jet
60F5 60F5 starter jets
150 150 needle and seat
35 35 accelerator pump jet
50 60 acc pump bypass jet.

I suspect that either setup would be fine, but am wondering what the pros/cons would be.

Also, I will probably try this first with a stock 750 normal engine - lower CR and lower lift cams. Wondering if that would change any of the above.

John Basel
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