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I have 4 used Michelin Energy 185/60R15-84H-XH1 tires for sale cheap. They are very evenly worn and have ~3/32 of tread above the wear bars (9/32 spec tread -2/32 wear bar = 7/32 original usable tread, so they are ~58% worn). I have put 11,000 miles on them (? by PO). They are unidirectional, M&S. I changed them as the profile for my suspension set-up was too low and I keep whacking the sump guard on rural roads.

$60, pickup or I can drop in Austin when I am in town. If you pick them up here I can spot you a couple of pints of tap Fireman's 4. TireRack lists the US equivalent at $118 ea.

Other random markings that may make sense to someone: Tread 240, Tract A, Temp A, Radial XSE X-Green (energy saving design), HT771 06-4783-02, Made in Germany, etc, etc.


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