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This is just an update on what has been going on with 390392. The first pictures is when it arrived and the second is where we are now,


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Wow, those were certainly some interesting colors!
Jim Enloe
Iowa City
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Way to go, Pat! Keep us up to date.

Very Good Work!

Best regards

I am very impressed! :)
Here are two shots of engine bay on 390392. By the way, I am not going to restore this car. I am going to make her safe and reliable and drive the wheels off.


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Looks pretty restored to me Pat! Unless the upper picture was the "after", and the lower one the "before".

Not that I'm anyone to talk - I have repeatedly resolved to "just get one on the road as a driver", and then gotten caught up with re-plating, painting, finding OE grommets, etc. etc.
390392-Update on Her.

Here are a couple of shots of the engine being installed. I perfer to do the engine installation by myself, as I end up with fewer mashed finger or worse.


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I like the part about hard driving. +++
:eek:Hate to be critical and nit pick of what otherwise appears to be a fine job, but that Toyota fender cover:(.
Hey, I only had two Alfa Romeo Fender covers that were on the fenders, what else should I use to take the brunt of punishment while putting the engine in ???
The "mashed fingers" comment rings true.
A friend "helped" me pull an engine straddling the engine bay and leaning back on the windshield. Guess what happened next. :(
Hey, I only had two Alfa Romeo Fender covers that were on the fenders, what else should I use to take the brunt of punishment while putting the engine in ???

:eek: you're right :)rolleyes:I thought everyone had 3 AR fender covers)

Terrific progress in such a short time! This is going to be a great, and good looking, driver -- it's good to see another Veloce saved from the depths of garage queen hell. I'm slowly starting the restoration of my #2 Veloce (owned since '76, but off the road since '78) by sending the chrome out for rework (while the shops are still in business here on the E. Coast -- never know when the EPA will kill them all). Next year I'll finally start the gruesome bodywork slog :(. Till then, ...
Oh, one minor comment. I'm pretty sure that the yellow decal on the brake fluid reservoir was used on the smaller OD can for the drum brake Giulia / Giuliettas. The disk brake reservoir had a blue Girling decal (which is available from Moss as an MGA part).
Have fun, and keep the pix coming!

The engine is in, 95 % hooked up. A few wires and such. So, I started to look at the seats. First the adjusting bolts were frozen beyond recovering. So I stated taking the seats apart in order to repair/replace the bolts to adjust the seat back angle.
First picture is what you will find if you remove all the covering. Yes, they were rusty beyond compare ! Why paint something you are going to cover up ? I was able to grind out the rusty bolt/nut and will make a replacement one after all the other work on the seat frames is finished.
I plan on spinning the engine over until I get oil pressure,check for leaks, then I will fire her up and see if she runs,then I will add water/antifreeze mix and check for leaks.


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You are so blessed to have seats this solid. Most are Swiss cheese that I have seen from rusting through. Have these bead blasted, expoxy primered and painted black before reinstalling. They will stand the test of time. :)
390392 seats details

A follow up on the seats. The first picture is where I cut out the frozen adjusters. Second one shows what the adjusters looked like and the repair part. Third is what you need to get to make things work. I used 5/16 X 18 stainless bolts with allen head. The other part is called a connector nut. You can attach the "new" part by brazing, welding or pop rivits. The last picture show the seat with new wood, as thge old stuff was completely shot.


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while you are at it Pat, take a look at the seat pans. The seat pans tend to break from people stretching against the back of the seat, putting undo stress on the area just below the hinges. Look for cracks or stress marks. You might want to reinforce this area if you notice anything.
Thanks for the heads up on the seat pans, I already done just that, Now I need to find someone who can make me some new foam/rubber for these seats and reinstall the covers.
Reinforcing when you can:) + +

I use a thin corduroy cushion on the seat, and when adjusting it after getting in I know that I'm loading the seat back something awful.

Vinyl is uncomfortable to sit on.

One of the suppliers, think CenterLine?, has upholstery kits --vinyl or leather.
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