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33 series 3- indicator not cancelling

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Car is 91 16v, indicator won't cancel itself when wheel is returned to straight, any ideas where I should start looking to fix this? I'm guessing it has something to do with the steering column
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There's a series of springs and plastic clips behind the steering wheel in the cowl. I'm guessing what's happened is one of the plastic clips has broken off and stops the spring for springing.

Solution: Turn indicator of manually/superglue if parts still there.

I had a similar problem on my sprint - except that when the part failed it jammed the steering wheel on a sharp 90 degree turn!! This really gets your attention. I wrenched the wheel and it came back followed by a shower of little plastic bits falling from the cowell.

The early sprint part was different I think but I just got used to flicking the indicator off with my finger - hope you have better luck.

Mind you I guess I was lucky not to crash into a tree!:D
the most common thing that happens to the 33 indicator cancelling mechanism, is the two little nylon pins on the back of the wheel boss snap off, the mechanism remains fine. If you remove the wheel, file down the snapped bits, drill two small holes and epoxy in some roll pins of the right size and length, you will never have the problem again.
Problem fixed! The pins had worn loose, and were not turning with the wheel anymore. Thanks for replies.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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