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I am looking at selling these 2 cars of mine and possibly either my 33 16v or Sprint veloce Racecar. only selling as i'm possibly moving overseas and need to clear out some of my belongings that i wont be taking and lets be honest i have too many cars anyway, so here goes:

1986 33 1.5 4x4 wagon- silver/grey two tone, has good twin carb 1.5 running driving car. rego has lapsed while it was in storage, i bought it in 2009 and recently got it back to use as a work car. has rust in rr wheel arch both front guards rf door and lr door. the shell itself is relativley rust free but needs full respray, complete apart front lf door trim panel but this is the same as a sedan. i can see these becoming very collectable -offers i dont want much

1994 155 2.5v6 Cloverleaf- has been un woffed since 2007 i got it to wreck but its in remarkably good condition and i found the rego is on hold! 165000kms reciepts for clutch at 130xxx and cams and followers done 9000kms ago along with belt and the expensive tensioner bearing, needs belt replaced on time now though which i can do for a price.
i took it for a wof and it failed on small things all fixed apart from a 5c coin sized peice of rust by rear window, easy fix i just dont have time, drives real nice etc but clear coat has failed and needs full respray, has tow bar!
-offers again but i am realistic and it has to go!

if anybodys interested in the racecar or 33 16v let me know and ill put up the info can sell racecar complete and running or as a shell
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