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I have a good bit of of V6 parts.
Not sure how much everything is going for now days, so everything is BEST OFFER for now.

First: I have a 3.0 block out of a 164S.
Liners included

Complete ( disassembled ) 3.0 Engine from my Verde.
Blew a piston liner o-ring and got coolant / oil mix. I have a complete head gasket kit to go with it. Only thing you will need to order is the Liner O-rings

Cylinder heads 3.0

I have 2 options for Pistons.

I have the original or I can include a set of S pistons

Anyone who is interested in the full engine setup from the Verde , all various parts are included such as, distributor, intake , oil pan, valve covers, fuel rails, and other various. I’d like to keep all the original engine parts together as much as possible but again, the S pistons are optional

Not pictured : set of Qv spec? cams. I was told by a fellow Alfisti that these are euro spec. Something similar to S cams
( I can get pictures upon interest)

Various parts pictured below :

Intake, fuel rails, intake runners for the Verde or I have a set of 164 runners for special projects

All the hardware labeled for the engine

Head gasket kit ( Centerline )

Oil pan & oil pump

Intake runners

I’m located in Maryland.

PayPal accepted

You can private message me or reach me at email [email protected]
1 - 4 of 4 Posts