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2x Weber 40DCOE2 ‘from Bologna with love’

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For sale: 2x Weber 40DCOE2 small top

S/N: 6J & 7B
3 progression holes
metal shafts
Aux Venturi for insert stacks

Price: 800 euro

Item located in The Netherlands. Shipping to USA 2-5KG: 50 euro

Item is clean however not used for many years, so clean prior to install.
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Backing to South Italy .......mandolino and great sun...
Pm sent
PM sent back! Grazie mille
Hello see attached i found here a couple.of 40 dcoe4...they probanly r x sprint gt veloce ..
Interested in mine?
If not fine x me your but is price little going x 700plus shipp?
I can send 1 2 hundred now and full payment x december
40DCOE4 is for Giulia sprint GT
40DCOE27 is for Giulia sprint GT Veloce

What car do you have?
I have both sets available
I found those 2 carbs close to a 526 engine and probably i do not need. They appears to me 40dcoe4 if i remind , need to check...
I have a giulietta sprint velove year 1961 ARExx and need 40dcoe2..probably i need the secod series dcoe2 , those one with gold bolt x cover and some minor modif inside...but fine x me to buy yours
Do you agree my plan fixing deposit and full paymwnt december?
Are you interested my dcoe4 ?
Bollino 526 cars had 40DCOE24’s
just found this
spec x giulietta sprint veloce, not sure are same x both veloce types 1957 40DCOE3 and 1961 40DCOE2
1 - 12 of 12 Posts