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I have a 1991 S4 2L Motoronic Injected 2.0L Alfa engine just removed with only 8600 miles (8Kmiles). This spider was wrecked early in 1993 and sat in a garage for many years. The engine was started and idled only so I can verify that it runs. I am including the complete engine, starter motor, alternator, clutch, air fuel meter, filter box, ECU and ECU harness complete. The air intake line from the AFM to the intake is missing. Pictures are of the engine as removed. I will be cleaning it this week but just wanted you to see the condition as removed. Make me a reasonable offer.

email Mike at [email protected]

91 2L engine Flywheel.jpg

91 2L Engine LHS.jpg

91 2L Engine Front.jpg

91 AFM.jpg

Fuel Injection Harness Motronic.jpg
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