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2L Giulia Hot rod on the dyno

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My Giulia with 2L Engine did not run properly so I booked an appointment at the carb specialst with a Rolling road.
It turned out that the custom ignition curve I had was too short giving to low temperature in the combustion chamber. After 5 hours of adjusting Everything the car runs and drives perfectly!
Power is 151 [email protected]
Best investment ever! Such a difference to drive a car with a properly tuned Engine. Drove 200km/h with the roof down on my way home!


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I have a few Movies but it doesn't work to upload them. Which format should I use?
Great results !!
Post the videos on Youtube and link to them from here.
Good advice!

And yet again it was not the carbs fault ;).

As my father used to say, carb specialists spend most of their time getting the ignition, etc. right ...
Nice work Freddie!
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