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This came from a '74 Berlina I parted out years ago. Both harnesses: firewall/dash and rear lights. No signs of overheating or melted insulation. It does look like a 4-wire connection has been cut (wiper motor, maybe?) but everything else looks intact. Includes the fuse box but no cover. I think the oddball silver relay thingy may be for the seatbelt interlock that Alfa used in the mid-70s. Please let me know if you think otherwise. If I still had a '72-'74 Berlina, I'd want to keep this around just for the connectors. As you can imagine, $28 doesn't begin to cover the time spent removing this thing - I just hate to toss it in my neighbor's copper wire recycling bin. Shipping will be the painful part. I think I can fit the dash harness in a large flat rate box ($22) but probably not both harnesses. Expect to spend $30-$38 (U.S.) shipping if you want both. Send me your zip code and we'll figure out the best way. HARNESS IS SOLD.



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