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AR 2600 Sprint as Project for Sale. France Papers.
Rare Opportunity so as very good Restoration Base and Complete.
Original Leather in nice Condition with the extremely rare Perforation.
Body has typical Rust Spots.
Work is however very Manageable.
Restoration or Conversion to a Shooting Brake or Special-Convertible can possibly be done by me, but not a Requirement.
Selling price sp as project 11.000 Euro
Location is in Austria.
Shipping - Transport Organisation can be done.
Further Information Details only by private Message.
Please only serious Enquiries and no Waste of Time.


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touring63 said:
Conversion to a Shooting Brake or Special-Convertible
Please no, but yes I understand not the most sort after model

Push hard and live
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When we look back over the decades of Alfa, there’s a continuing thread of relatively ordinary and unloved cars being “repurposed” without harming their larger legacy of finer cars.

I’d agree that 2600 Sprints, while attractive, are unlikely to find a spot near the top of the pole. Converting one to something more rare and more interesting seems like a good idea.
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