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2600 Sprint Ignition Switch & Body Colour

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New to forum having recently acquired a 1965 RHD 2600 Sprint (white with blue interior).

I am in the process of documenting issues and requirements in advance of restoration project. However in better condition than I had expected.

Suprisingly power to most things after install of new battery, except ignition. Removed dash trim to find the wires removed from the rear of the switch. Also rear of the switch detached.

Found the rear body of the switch (bolts to follow hopefully), however does anyone know which of the 6 pins the 3 wires (red, black and brown) attach to?

Also received an email back from Alfa Central Records confirming the original body colour was silver. The car is in fact white, and this is the colour on most of the hard to get to bits, so not sure which colour is correct (silver or white). Any thoughts on error rate from Alfa records.
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Hi Paul, welcome to AlfaBB!

The ignition switch should have terminals that are labeled with numbers. The owner's manual shows what wires got to what terminal (see item #40 in the image below).

As for the body color, I found the information in the Alfa archives is usually correct (as the color often had to be declared in customs documents).


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Hi Paul, Also welcome. Did I notice this car for sale recently in Adelaide on Alfa Club site ?
No matter , re Alfa records , with all the Alfa,s I have owned ,have not noticed any errors.its not to say they have not made them !
I suspect when you bare metal it you will find as I have, that , the layers will tell you the real story.It probably indicates that at some stage when it was last painted it was done properly and not just a repray without removing trim etc.

cheers and good luck
Thanks for the support, lets see how we go.

Yes it was the car recently advertised in Adelaide, but came from Melbourne originally, where it appears to have spent the majority of its life.
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