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I bought this tray from Alfa Heavan (Tom Zat) advertised as fitting a 102 (2000). Although these engines never originally used a windage tray, I figured the Zats, through their long engagement with the type, might have come up with something fun to add to an engine I'm overhauling at the moment.

Alas, it does not fit the 102.

After some back in forth wondering if it might fit a 1300, we've determined that it is original equipment for a 2600.

So, I'm offering to anyone who can use it in their 2600, or might want to adapt it to something else. I paid $35 for it, and that's what I'll take, plus whatever freight costs. My estimate is $50 for the part and freight. I'm not trying to recover my freight costs from the purchase, just move it to a home where it can be used.

Apart from some very minor surface corrosion, it's in perfect shape. A little scotchbrite will remove this, if it's even worth bothering.


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