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2600 (106) & 2000 (102) Axle Straps

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Hi all,

I'm sourcing some original axle straps (woven fibre not vinyl) for my 102 Sprint. 102 & 106 straps for Spider and Sprint are the same size/ spec.

According to the 2000 and 2600 Parts Books:

Length inner strap: 25 7/8 inches
Part number:

Length outer strap: 27 inches
Part number:

Don has passed me the details of Trevor, a man-that-can-help in Australia. He advertises his axle straps here: ebay

However, to make some 102/106 straps (rather than the 105/ Montreal straps he has plenty of), I need to reach out to you all to see if anyone else might want to order some too?

Trevor is happy to oblige but prefers to make a batch of these rather than a one-off set. Quite reasonably, this 'special order' needs to be both financially and time-wise a fair trade for both sides, so I'm hoping I might be able to create a little more demand for some 102/106 straps from the community?

I'm assuming the price will be close to the 105 set he's advertising? Circa $70US/ £43GBP

I'd love to be able to make an order fairly promptly, so any hand-raisers, please shout.

What do you think? Any takers?
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I'm pretty certain he's the fellow that provided my straps. I don't know if he had them in stock or made them to order, but I couldn't be happier with both quality and service. Quick shipment, they fit perfectly, and look fine (if something dangling under the car can look fine).
You can count me in for a pair.

When you coming up, Steve?
Thanks to those who've contacted me.
I'll reply ASAP with final details.

We now have 4 sets to order.

Any more for any more?
axle straps

Hi All,

I have some complete sets for sale

2 inner and 2 outer with holes

these are NEW reproduction made from original 3 layer yellow/brown rubber canvas material

fits 2000 and 2600 spider

I don't know if the lenght from 2000/2600 sprint is the same

price euro 50,- / set

rgds Franco


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Franco, how many sets do you have for sale?
If you have enough, we might have solved our problem.

As there dont seem to be any of these around, I'm currently trying to source enough interest to get a batch order together. So far we need three sets. One for me, and 2 others on the BB. Seems unless you have enough we might not be able get everyone a set and leave others with even less chance if getting a batch order together.
We have all these straps in stock . From 1900 to 105 series. Correct material, correct colour.



Good news!

Firstly, thanks to all for helping and to those who joined the mini-group.
It seems we now have found 2 suppliers in Europe - Heinbrand and Franco with Trevor also available, but for batches only, in Australia.

I'm as yet unaware of any suppliers in the US. (there may well be some, I just haven't been able to find any in the last couple of weeks)

So, as there are only 4 of us now who need some, I'll cancel the group-buy and suggest we do it the easier way and each buy our own seperately from either Heinbrand or Franco.

I'll contact Trevor to thank him, but stand him down.

Hope that suits you all? And thank you all very much for your support in trying get this sorted out... Looks like we have.
Let me know if there's anything more you might need from me.

Thanks again to those who contributed. Nice to see things can sometimes be simpler after all.

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