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220 HP Evo Milano for sale

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This is the one of if not the best Milano/75 you will find anywhere in this country. Red, Evoluzione bodywork, fresh paint, fresh 3.0 SZ engine (over 218 hp-dynoed), Full Stebro, PERFECT Recaro interior, set of (5) 16 inch wheels, Shankle supersport suspension, Konis, 90 percent of reciepts with over, european Lights, $35,000 invested. EVERY IMAGINABLE UPGRADE- TONS OF SPARES INCLUDED Must be seen. These are just the highlights, email me for complete pics and specs.\
Look in the "Milano wheels" post-it's the red Evo with dark Team Dynamics wheels. Featurd on the cover of November 2001 "european car" magazine.
If you are looking for avery fast and nice car with complete service history, this is it.
If you are serious, email for pics or details or call 626-644-5547
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Here's a pic of the car mentioned above.
Originally posted by: Nizam

I must say this one is looking SWEET!


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That car looks familiar...
I've seen ads for this car in a few places for a long time. I'm kinda surprised it hasn't sold. Pretty hot.

Maybe I should create a Berlina Evoluzione...drop a SZ V6 in it. Haw haw haw!!!

"Aye Capt'n, she can't take much more of this, she's breakin' up!"
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