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205/60 - 14 Tire Recommendation

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Looking for a High Performance 205/60 14 tire. There so hard to find. All I could find is the Yokohama AR032 tires, and those are two low in treadwear, and the AVSi are discontinued (sucks).

Does anyone know of a high performance tire with 160 - 250 treadwear for a 205/60 - 14 wheel?

Any help would help.
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If you want to step down to a 195/60-14 ( great handling but a little small = reduced ground clearance but slightly improved accelleration and small speedo error ) I'd recommend Falken Azenis Sport

Remember, like you saw on my Duetto a few weeks ago ?

mind clouded

I've noticed that 195/60-14 tires are more common, then a 205/60 - 14 tire.

I checked out the Falkens, they have good specs, and the price is great. 48.00 a tire.:) I'm still hesitant, I really want a 205 tire.

Would a 195 fit a 7 inch panasport? Would there be a noticable change from a 205 to a 195?

hmmmmm :confused: hmmmmmmm :confused:

The new Yokohama ES100 is available in this size, and it's supposed to be as good or better than the much-beloved AVSi.


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Those AVS seem perfect, little high on tread (280AAA), but will last longer. They sell for 72.00 a piece.

Now these Falkens only come in a 195 (boo), but are a 200 tread, and run for 48 dollars.

hmmmmmm still undecided, any other good tires out there?
I need grip. I drive like a maniac, getting a high treadwear tire will cause chunking.

Sumitomo <-- what a terrible name, do they sell these at walgreens?

I don't think you can judge grip by the tread wear numbers anymore. The manufacturers have done some amazing things about getting some decent wear into their max performance rubber in the last few years.

I would trust things like the user reviews at before I would worry about a UTQG rating. That rating is only comparable across a given manufacturer's line anyway - for example a Michelin with a UTQG of 200 might wear faster than a Pirelli with a UTQG of 150. So the only concrete conclusions you can draw are that, for example, a Michelin with a UTQG of 100 will wear faster than a Michelin with a UTQG of 200.

Oh yeah, and I believe Sumitomo owns Dunlop now!
Toyo T1-S come in 195/55R14 its a little narrow and a bit of a lower profile tire, there website says they will work with a 7" rim. Good tires though, I know people who have them and wouldent trade them for the world, treadwear rating is 280.

If you were ever interested in their RA-1 Comp. track tire, they come in a 205/55R14 but there super soft compound and only have a treadwear rating of 40.
Yeah, I agree with you JoeCab. Different companies rate there tires differently.

Yokohama is my preferred tire. So I'm tottally on the ES100 side, but money is low right now, and I'm trying to find cheap way out with a performace tire.

I have more browsing to do. But I'm tottaly leaning on the ES100 and Falken Azenis Sports (even though I'm not into the 195 idea, but).
When looking for some MOMO wheels a few months ago I talked with someone who has the new Yokohama ES100's. He said that they're an okay tire but not at all high performance. They are more of a poseur tuner tire for the honda crowd.

Chris, why do you want a 205 width ? The Alfa's really "dance" with a 195. My old Milano had 15 x 7's and 205/50's and even though it had a lot of total grip the car just plowed around. The limits were so high that to get the car to the speeds necessary to have fun was way too dangerous on the street ( and yes, I drive like a possessed maniac as well ). Just wait a little longer for me to get my GTV off the jackstands. Just a few more weeks ....


I thought the "Parada" was the rice-ish tuner tire in the Yokohama line, not the ES100 :)

And I have to agree with Dan, my GTV was more fun on the streets with skinnier tires than the 205s I have now. If I had more funds right now, I'd be pretty tempted to get a set of steel wheels with 165 Michelin XAS or Pirelli Cinturato tires (both were OEM fitments and available from Coker tire: cost = left nut) for the street and keep the wide rubber for track days, Autocross, club rallys, etc.
It's comming down to a 195 tire. Easier to find, little cheaper, etc etc.

Reason for 205's: I can go faster and hang in turns a tad easier. But a few close encounters got me, and it's time to slow down. 195's are my next choice.

p.s. I'm basically a moron and it's time for me and the GTV to mellow out. Future canyon runs are going to be a lot mellower.

I can tell you that last weekend I kept up with a m3 and 911 c4. But it was to fast for a 30 year old car, and no more of that. I can tell you that a stock GTV is more then what you think. As I learned, it's time to GROW UP!!!
JoeCab said:
I'd be pretty tempted to get a set of steel wheels with 165 Michelin XAS or Pirelli Cinturato tires (both were OEM fitments and available from Coker tire: cost = left nut) for the street...
Wouldn't you know it, I have the same Michelin's on my white GTV and the same Pirelli's on my rims from the red GTV I sold. Both sets are pretty old. I may have a set of rims (15x4.5) to sell by the time your funds come around. I do not deal in gonads though.

I thought I'd have more grip/fun with wider lower profile tires.


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Caliente tires

I found a nice looking tire , it's called a Caliente (spare the name) made my Bridestone or BF goodrich I can't remember. Anyone heard of this tire? It was at a tire shop, but I cannot find anything close to it on the internet.

It's rated at a 300A tread, and it has a very stiff lower sidewall compared to other tires, is that a good thing? Priced at 45 bucks.

I'm tempted to purchase the tire, but the name Caliente is not helping. Help!

Kai, I think both are fun. When I had a 165 tire, I was sideways on everyturn. Was fun and safer (safer meaning slower), but I needed more speed. Once the 205's came, it was no joke, full throttle on every turn. I still get loose, but not at low speeds anymore. The 165's were nice, dirfts were easier to navigate. With the 205's it's a bit tuffer because youre now going 60mph through that turn instead of 45. Trust me, you can still get loose!

It depends what you like aswell. I get over doing drifts on every turn, but then I have my weeks where I like to slide all over.

I'm with Joe on the 165 idea, once some funds kick in, I might have to buy me some steels again. One month on the 165's and the next on 205's.
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So I finally purchased a tire.

Heres the report:
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