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This years rally is shaping up to be a very fun one, with some new twists and turns!
The rally will start in Vail on Saturday Sept. 16th at 10am.
The Colorado Grand has decided not to hold their car show this year. So, all participants are invited to arrive in Vail on Friday the 15th to watch The Colorado Grand drive into town that afternoon and stay the night.  We will have a group dinner that evening for anyone interested.  This will be a “find your own hotel” night.
BTW- This weekend is also Octoberfest in Vail so make your reservations soon.

Saturday is rally day, with a fun and interesting drive to Salida.  We will be staying at The Palace Hotel in Salida.  This is a small hotel built in 1909.  It only has 14 rooms, so if you plan to go on the trip, please make reservations ASAP by calling the hotel (719) 207-4175 and mentioning the Alfa/Maserati group.
They will only be holding the rooms until Aug. 15th!

Sunday will be a tour day, taking us from Salida to the beautiful town of Redstone where we will be staying at the amazing Redstone Inn.  The Redstone Inn is a wonderful old hotel with a fair number of rooms, but again, make your reservations soon. Please call the hotel directly (970) 963-2526 and mention the Alfa Maserati group.
Redstone Inn - Lodging, Hospitality, Resort in Redstone, Colorado

Monday will be our homeward bound day, bringing us, well, home.

Please contact Scott Walker at [email protected] 303 902-8486 if you plan to join us, and with any questions.


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