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Tom, John and Laura, the two Bob's, and I have been really working hard to put together a quality proposal for a quality 2016 convention bid.

We will pitch it to the A.L.F.A. Tennessee chapter general membership on the 21st of this month during our annual Italian Food Fest (details on that event will be posted separately). We fully expect to get total buy-in from the members, and we'll be all set to present to the BoD in Detroit next month.

I think we have put together an outline for a quality convention, worthy of the American relaunch of the most storied marque in the history of automobiles. We have set it up to be as affordable as possible in one the country's most popular vacation areas. We're conveniently located to a large percentage of the US population. We are planning beautiful scenic drives, timed speed events on a brand new racing circuit, informative tech sessions, exciting night life, loads of family friendly venues, and Goo Goo Clusters!

It'll be a convention, and a vacation!

We hope you will support our bid to bring the 2016 AROC National Convention to Nashville!


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