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Kettle Call Rally Oct. 5, 2pm Elkhart Lake WI

Hi Ray,
Well, we wont give out too much in advance other than to say its a loose time-speed-distance formula rally on some great roads. A ride-along navigator will read instructions to a driver who in turn has to accurately follow the course. It's not a technical or strict course, the objective is to have fun. Full "How-To" Instructions will be emailed to all participants a few days before the event, with most of the FAQs addressed there.

We have some die-hard Kettle Callers returning this year who have had their first exposure to rallying at the Kettle Call....which is what we are proud of. Low key fun with the emphasis on great cars and camaraderie...with just enough competition to keep it interesting, and a cold beer waiting when its all done.

We should also note that there are a number of other ancillary activities going on that might interest you or your spouse in Elkhart Lake that day. The Farmers Market goes on in the town square on Saturday until noon, and immediately after our event there is a 3 lap "Sunset Cruise" of Road America's race track (yes, in your own car) available through As always, there is great dining all throughout town and world class hospitality at Siebkens, Osthoff, or Victorian Village resorts.


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