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2011 New Hope Auto Show

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Ciao Alfisti,

It's almost time for the 2011 New Hope Auto Show. For Alfas, the important date is Sunday, August 14, 2011. You can register online at <> or you can print the attached registration form and mail it in along with your payment to the address on the form. The registration fee is $25 per car for one day or $40 per car for two days. Because of space limitations the show is capped at 250 cars for each day so register early.

The show details are the same as in previous years. The organizers would like show cars to arrive by 10:30 so that we can start judging by 11:00. There will be food available on the premises along with some vendors of auto-related items. As usual, there is a car corral if you're looking to sell your car. The fee is $50 per vehicle for two days. There is NO discount if you're only there for one day. And don't forget that when you're finished looking at the cars, you can wander into town for some shopping. Or you can stay with the cars while your significant other goes shopping.

Finally, as usual, I'm looking for some volunteers to help with the judging. I would like to have 5 people plus myself so that we can judge two groups of cars at a time. Judges will get a free lunch, and a New Hope Auto Show shirt, while supplies last. If you're interested, please let me know so that I can make the appropriate plans.

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i go every year.
I was planning on attending this year, not enter my car, just walk around to see the cars with my wife. My uncle usually goes with one of his British cars, or maybe his 356b conv.

We considered entering our Spider and 77 BMW 320i but neither can be show ready in time. I would love to meet up with everyone though as I am having trouble finding other Alfa owners who want to do anything.
Hey JT,
Coming to the New Hope Show would be a great idea. We usually get about 20-25 cars. Not a bad turn-out for us. I'd suggest that you bring your car. As long as the car is clean and tidy you'll fit right in. You don't have to have your car judged if you don't want to. Just have it there for show. It'll give you an opportunity to compare notes with other Alfa owners.
I'll think about it. The car is fairly clean as it is already but I wanted to go overboard. Do I have to pre register or can I show up the day of the show?


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Your car looks very presentable. I'd vote on bringing the car but that's your call. I'd recommend pre-registering for the show only because it's usually pretty hectic at check-in on the day of the show. Also, there's an additional $5 fee if you register on the day of the show and there's a show day limit of 250 cars. If the weather is questionable, it's New Hope in August after all, you may not bump up against the 250 limit. But, if the weather is nice, the limit is a real possibility.
I'll give it a real consideration. I'll see how much detailing I can get done this weekend. Either way, I will be there in or out of the show.
That's great JT. Let's hope for nice weather.
I just got back from my mechanic shop and it looks like I have a bunch of normal maintance issues with the alfa (motor/trans mounts, brake pads, etc) but the one is a very bad u-joint on the rear of the driveshaft. This may prevent me from driving the car to New Hope this weekend so most likely I will take the 320i instead.

I would still like to meet up with everyone. How can we all get together?
Alfas are there own class at the show, so you should not have any problems finding us there... Of course, we will also walk around and take in the rest of the show, but just come on over and enjoy the day with us...

Best regards,
I was going to go Sunday but today's weather outlook says Sunday looks like a wash-out ! Never been there on a Saturday before, don't know if the crowd is as big
I also heard Sunday is going to be wet and wild. Very disappointing. That may prevent me from coming out if its really bad. Who wants to walk around in rain and muddy grass lawns?
Looks like today is going to be a wash out. I was looking forward to this show for two months too. Looks like I will have to wait until next year. By then, I'll be show ready.
So did anyone wind up showing up or was it a complete rain out? I know my street was a total river last Sunday.
There were a few of us there, but no Alfas. The weather was pretty miserable, so there wasn't much of anything actually.

Thats why I stayed home. I figured no one would be going. No fun driving the Spyder with the top up in the rain with no A/C
It's too bad the weather didn't cooperate. It's usually a nice show.

Hi all,

I'm a recent buyer of a 59 GS. Just wondering if this show has been set up for 2012 and if there is a location for more information. I'd love to bring out my new ride and meet the rest of you and see your cars.

Hey Greg,

You can find information about this year's show at New Hope Auto Show Information. As usual, there'll be an Alfa division. Hopefully, not as usual, we'll have nice weather. Tired of the rain and humidity.
Anyway, hope you can make it, weather permitting.

Thanks Enrico - I'll take a look. I agree on the weather request, so let's keep fingers crossed for a beautiful day.
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