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Hello Alfisti,

Not too much planned for the club this summer. The VSCCC European car show was a sucess last year and I hope to see alot of you out there again this year (July 16th). Go to Vintage Sports Car Club of Calgary and click on car show for more information.

This summer Stephen Ross has organized all the european car clubs to meets at the Garrison Woods Safeway parking lot SE corner about 7PM, Every Tuesday, as long as the weather is good. I went last Tuesday and it was a very good turn out, half a dozen of each; Lambo's, Ferrari's and Porsches, two Alfa's, two Lotus, a Mercedes, a Dino 246, an Aston Martin, a Pantera, and a few other rare cars. Format is simple, just show up and mingle. There is a starbucks next to the parking lot, which is handy.

I'll be racing my 1968 GTV at Race City July 2nd and 3rd if anyone wants to stop by and watch....just say you are on my pit crew when you get to the gate to avoid having to pay an admission fee.

Mark Willis
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