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Murray et al.

The Autobahn North track is relatively simple as far as good visibility and easy to memorize. The biggest thing to remember is that ALL the corners are late apex corners.
N2 really needs a late apex or you will blow all of your momentum to get to N3 which will upset your ability to get a smooth rythm through N3,N4,N5. N6 will visually makes you want to turn in for a mid-early apex and then encourages you to get on the throttle early only to find that on exit of the corner you have the choice of spinning off, or hitting the brakes and trying to save it. The track requires patience and discipline to go really fast.
Regarding the video I am using 24.2"dia tires, a close ratio gearbox, a 4.78 rear end, and 7400rpm shift points. I don't use 4th on the short straights when I am pushing but I am definately using 4th on the main straight. In my street GTV with a 4:10, 2.0l TS, 23" dia. tires, stock gearing and 5000rpm shift point I use 4th more often and 5th on the front straight.

In summary, It's a track that is very easy to learn, but difficult to perfect. Stock street cars will be geared fine with a 4.56 lsd. The track will reward good handeling and smooth tansitions/driving MORE than HP and brakes.

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