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Hotel Error

I could bring one for you to borrow, Enrique, because if I attend, at $239/night, I'll be at the track too!! You need one to sleep 1, 3, 4, or 6? Take your pick!

Hi guys. Thanks for posting this stuff. The hotel info. was forwarded to National but the link never made it on the registration form. Thanks to you guys, that link is being corrected as we speak. The hotel is also getting a new as*h*ole as we speak.

The rates are as follows (we worked extremely hard in getting these rates locked:

Single occupancy: $119.00 per night
Double occupancy: $129.00 per night

It's a Marriot Resort and has practically everything including a golf course and a car wash (NOT).;)

Please continue to let us know what else goes wrong.

It's probably a good idea to respond on the CAROC thread from now on, that way it will be easier to track down info. and correct.

Thanks again to all,
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