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2008 159 2.2 JTS ; 2006 156 2.5 V6 ; 1974 1.8 Alfetta Sedan
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Hi All
My daily drive has recently been complaining about Error Codes (Check Engine Light).
Now at 128500km, timing chain done at 120000km.
Multiecuscan says the following:
13-Dec-2020 : P0136, P0139, P1141, P0013,
03-Mar-2021 : P0136, P0139, P1141, P0013, P0010, P0011
06-Mar-2021 : P0136, P0010, P0011
26-Mar-2021 : P0136, P0139, P1141, P0013, P0010, P0011, P1161
I hope it's one root cause, but what has the variator got to do with O2 sensors (particularly the O2 sensor heating circuit)?
Anyway, any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

This is the title of these codes:
P0136 Lambda 1 signal below catalyser
P0139 Lambda 1 signal below catalyser (slow)
P1141 Preheating resistance 1 below catalyser
P1161 Preheating resistance 2 below catalyser
P0013 Phase variator actuator on intake shaft
P0010 Phase variator actuator on exhaust shaft
P0011 Positioning diagnosis of camshaft on exhaust

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Are you sure the timing chain was done correctly? They are classic timing chain fault codes. Sometimes its the actuator valves.
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