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Hello all,

I have a 2003 Alfa 156 2.0l JTS, I took it for a cambelt change recently. Since then I’ve noticed the following, does anyone have any ideas on what it might be? It was fine before the cambelt was changed.

- down on power

- reluctant to rev

- seems rougher, less Alfa like

- lower engine note, less ‘zingy’/sporty. Used to sing round the rev counter and was turbine smooth, not now- facia trim vibrates at 4K+ rpm

- I’ve had it 15 years so have noticed the above change for the worse, it’s much less “Alfa-like”

And now:

- fuel economy is off

- engine fault light (yellow) (go to dealer etc) has just come on; stutters occasionally

Has not done many mkiles since the cambelt change.

Might it be-

- variator?

- crankshaft timing sensor?

- other?

Any suggestions/things to check would be gratefully received
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