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2000 Berlina 1973

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Hi there,

No more space, reluctant selling,

Bought new by my parents in 1973, the Alfa Romeo Berlina 2000 is white on black.

The car was restored some years ago, but I had never time to drive her. So O kms from total restoration.

I changed the simili black interior with high quality black leather.

Engine, gearbox, rear axle, brakes, suspension, body, paint job, all gaskets, complete fuel system, complete water system, complete ignition system new (123 ignition for the distributor) and complete wiring loom new.

Dellorto carb on the 512 engine.

Very small interior details to be finished (lighting switches, seat belts, 1 chrome grille strip lost). I may be forgetting other very small things.

French papers.

The car is coming with original order and original invoice !

Worldwide delivery.

Feel free to contact me for information.


I can't ad pictures, problem on the forum. I'll try later.
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Paris (france) area
The wiper grille is in place now.
I have only one chrome grille strip. the other is lost during the restoration.
The hood is not fully closed (hence the visible differences in gap, but in reallity no)


The ashtray and the heating vents are in place now

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