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I have thinking about getting one of these for a while. I love the small compact size and that it's battery powered vs needs a cord. I love watching youtube videos by a Project Farm - he buys different products and does testing on them. The tests are pretty good and since he uses tools, he knows what functions are important to us.

His recommendation was for the Ryobi portable compressor. Yes, Ryobi! In the past, I thought of Ryobi as a cheap, in house Home Depot brand, but it seems like they're come up a bit in the past few years. Since I have a Ryobi battery and charger, I decided to give the portable compressor a try. Well, I'll say that this is a great tool for $20! I used it to top off the tires on my Fiat 850, then I filled the tire on my VW Beetle. Worked perfect and filled both up in less than 5 minutes. Much better than running my compressor, bringing out the hose and attaching the tire chuck. Then putting it all back!

Here's a link to the tool I bought. Highly recommended! Ryobi Tire Inflator And on sale at Home Depot for a few cents under $20!
So the ad says "battery and charger not included." So it's $20 plus you have to buy a battery and charger?
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