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Hello All:

I have a good 2.5 liter For Sale. This engine was previously installed in our Milano LeMons Race Car. We ran 3 full races with this engine with no problems whatsoever. Excellent oil pressure and compression. The inside of the engine is very clean as we have changed the oil probably 5 times in the last 3000 miles. Intake valves are clean too we have a very clean fuel system and ran the **** out of thing. This would make an excellent low cost replacement for a daily driver.

Note: This engine consists of a complete heads/block assembly without any accessories. We are converting our car to run a 3.0 164S engine so we have used everything else including the oil pan and bottom of the oil pump (pickup section) for our "new" engine. The 164 oil pan will be included to help you move the item.

I will not ship this item (if you want to arrange shipping that is up to you).

Pick-up in the Western Chicago Suburbs.


David Alexander
Riverside, IL
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