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2.5 V6 with approx 120k miles.
Ran when pulled, only reason for pulling is I’m moving onto another engine swap.
I have proof of running engine

notes about engine:
-lower timing cover gasket leaks (only issue)
-timing belt and tensioner /water pump service / thermostat /valve cover gaskets and miscellaneous have been serviced.
-new distrib cap, button, wires, NGK plugs
-new v belt
-coolant temp sensor
-rad hoses
-other new various hoses
Roughly 5k miles on these parts w/ receipts
-full engine wiring harness / ecu included

not included:
-modified fuel rail /fpr not included
(Original Bosch injectors / rail / regulator Will be included)
-rebuilt alternator is not included
-aftermarket headers are not included
-bell housing is not included

everything except for the aftermarket fuel pressure regulator and the bell housing will be for sale in other posts updated later.
Keeping this post for engine inquiry only please.

Asking $850obo for engine / wiring harness

Local pick up /delivery
-I can meet within reasonable distance of
Cumberland , MD

I can be reached at [email protected] for faster response

thanks for looking ,

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