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these are the last remaining things from my previous 164S'.

1 known good transmission and 1 unknown.
i have no use for these as im only down to my Milano now.
If i do not sell these, i am going to scrap them. I know theres not much of a demand for S trans but i figured i would give you guys the chance.

First Trans: Known good. Clutch is also still good. this came from the engine that had spun a rod bearing on me last year. I painted it for a project and never furthered it. Sensors are a little over sprayed but still should function. Asking $150

Second trans: Unknown. came from a parts car i had. Engine was still good as far as i know, so i cant imagine there was a transmission failure. Fluid that came out looked a little old though. You can take your chances or use for spare parts, whatever you choose. Asking $50

Pick up only, i can drive to meet up to an hour or 2. I am located in Cumberland, MD
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