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Have a donor 1976 2.0L Berlina 5 speed and would like to know how to and what to modify to allow fitting into a 1957 - 750 Sprint Coupe.
I have already purchased the lower/tilt engine mounts from centreline and the obvious is the "low ground hog" engine sump , clutch linkage probs, manifold probs, gearbox crossmemeber probs and as read in an earlier posting, chasing denso A790 alternator.....tried to follow another thread, but it went of to disneyland and never returned to the original topic. A permanent upgrade forum would be b... marvelous so the topic would be a permanent feature.

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Engine upgrade

Hi 8clt

Posting chassis numbers and pictures of your car is mandatory - keeps the rest of us from getting scratchy :D

Seriously, the biggest stumbling block is the transmission tunnel, your car originally had a tunnel case gearbox which is about 3" flatter than the later split case boxes & when Alfa began fitting the split case boxes, they raised the transmission tunnel and also the firewall at the beginning of the tunnel.

To get the split case box into the car & keep all the angles correct entails either whacking the underside of the tunnel with a BFH or doing what most before you have done and that is to cut away the top of the flat floor tunnel and replace it with a home made piece which has a higher curve to accomodate the taller box.

Yes you will need the Z engine mounts & will need a later split case support cross member. You will need a later prop shaft or the first section anyway as the tunnel case box is shorter than the split case, you will need to either use the 4 into 2 into 1 cast iron 101 type manifold, the restrictive 4 into 1 that your car came with or make up a complete banana branch yourself.

I've sent you a private message - contact me & I'll put you into contact with someone who has done all this on a '57 Sprint already, he will walk you through the process.

Two '57 Sprints amongst the 9 Giulietta's........sigh :rolleyes:
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