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I'm infront of a 2.0TS street engine build for my mate.At workshop awaits dismantled 2.0 TS from 75; 1.8TS from 155; 2.0 Nord injection motor from 90 Alfa. It is possible to take hold on short block of a 155 2.0 TS or even full engine,if needed.

Goal is streetable 180-200hp engine ,mostly for trackday use in a 75 Alfa with programmable ecu, distributorless.
This is my first Alfa engine build,so,if there's any drawback,let me know.With JK book I'm familiar,yes.

As far as I have read:
1)best head is 2.0l 155.My question-does 1.8 and 2.0 TS heads from 155 Alfa has something different.Because if 1.8 is not for the task,then I need to get hold of 2.0 TS head from 155.
2)155engine block is more rigid than 75 block. What problem do I need to conquer to make fwd engine fit into 75 transaxle?Oilsumpfrom 75 just bolts on 155block?What about termostat,cooling tube layout,anything else?
3)Crankshaft with longest stroke 90mm from 155 alfa.33cc more displacement.If 155 engine block
4)Longest rods 157mm from Nord.1,744 Rod stroke ratio for 90mm crank.(for stock 155 rod of 153mm ratio is 1,7,while Nord has 1,77 R/S and 75 goes for 1,76R/S)

If I remember correctly engine block height is 235mm
Is this correct?Because for 75TS: (88,5/2)+156+33,75=234mm.
For 155: (90/2)+153+36=234mm.So,both of these have pistons below deck?

If 235mm block height is correct and I plan to use 90mm crank with 157mm rods,piston heigth should be 33mm?Has somone done this setup?Is there of the shelf pistons for this or I have to use 75TS 33,75mm pistons and take some material of them? I'm guessing,stock 75 pistons won't do.

5)VVT assembly-in JK book he spokes of it,that when perfomance cams are used,VVT should be discarded.Is there any camshaft that still allows VVT?Or is it possible, to make pistons on demand with very deep pockets for big cams and VVT?Maybe VVT is discarded because of valve angles and they would hit eachother when big overlap is used?
Anyway,if no performance cam can be combined with VVT,then it will be discarded.Even if it's more like street engine,it's for trackday use mostly.

There will be some more quastions later, along the build.
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