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1999 2l selespeed t-spark

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have been offered above car with about 100k klms on much should i be paying & how pricey are parts.also apart from oil consumption,what other issues are there with these models or indeed alfas generally.any advice would be greatly appreciated. :)
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Where do you live?
query re Alpha156 2l selespeed twinspark parts & reliability & potential problems

looking at purchasing above in Brisbane Australia anyone have thoughts on problems, reliability, cost of parts/maintenance or particular idiosyncrasies that would make this a problem buy
Can't say that the price in Aussie is, in Denmark a '99 156 2,0 is between 10 and 15 % of the price when new, Selespeed is no higher than manuel, value of a Selespeed with gear box problems or any '99 156 with smashed engine is zerro.
On a '99 Selespeed the gear box should have been changed, early ones had lots of problems.
All 156s need the tooth belt and pulleys change every 3 year or max 80000 km. Normal
service or maintanance is not complicated. Only buy any car that age if a service history is with the car.
BTW, Alfa is spelled this way.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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