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1997 Alfa Spider FS in CA

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I didn't think this was possible in California. Seller says its one of five in the country. No relation.
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There are a couple around. We've had a yellow one at a couple of our events in WA and Stuart Sandeman and his wife drove theirs (also yellow) to Tulsa from CA for the convention in 2006.
Cash only? SCAMBO!:eek:
No scam... I spoke with the seller. There are certainly some unique circumstances which he took into account in his asking price, but the car is for real. (Don't feel I can divulge the seller's info, since that was communicated in a private conversation.) Also, the car has been sold.

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i would have loved to seen pictures.
As is in keeping with MY luck, the car was purchased by the guy who emailed him just before I did.

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