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I am selling my 1995 Alfa Romeo 164LS 5 speed with 170K almost all highway miles.

The car (green metallic) has a very nice leather interior, ( smal repairable seam spilit on drivers seat, (I have an extra lower seat cushion that is perfect if you want to do a swap, ) it has a solid, non-crashed ever body, the factory alloys have been CHROMED, (nice, not gaudy), and she runs amazingly well with a smooth strong 24 valve engine. Blows nice cold air with the auto climate control system,, has the $500 LCD segment repair climate console work already done, original Fujitsu high end stereo w/12 trunk mount CD factory changer, power mirrors, door locks, even the alarm all work perfectly.

The car has always been maintained for the time I have owned it - 6 years, by Alfeta Motors, (Rich Ott) , in Vallejo, CA . I bought the car from Rich as it was his personal driver. The previous owner had it serviced from new at Camissa Motors in Burlingame, and I have over $20K in maintenance receipts.
The reason I am selling it is I cannot get it to pass California emissions, (stupid high NO/NOX reading, over by 5% or so no matter WHAT we have tried) so I am proposing to sell this as an "out of state" car, or the new owner can go to the state referee process and get the car exempted - I am just tired of dealing with it.

There are some flaws with the car - the hood, trunk and roof have failing clearcoat and are in need of a repaint. I have the proper paint mixed up from a commercial paint dealer(a quart of the exact AR paint code was $100) to go with the car to the new owner. The ABS stopped working long ago, and the car needs a clutch slave cylinder. The passenger window motor is sounding like a gear is stripping, so I recommend procuring a used one for Alfa Parts Exchange in Tracy, CA. Small things, but I am giving full disclosure.

The car is far too nice to part out, but if someone wants to take the 24 valve beast out and install in in a Milano, a GTV-6 ( As I recently saw at Monterey - NICE job Chuck Chin!) or even a Spider, go ahead and be my guest.

I would like to get $2K for the car, or best offer. This is going to the Alfa BBS Alfisti crowd first, then to Craiglist, then to Ebay, then if no takers, it goes to the charity donation route.

I really would like the car to go to an Alfisti who can, with relatively little money and effort, bring this car back to full glory. The 164 24 valve 3.0 liter on the comfortable larger chassis is a great cruising commuter or a nice "Sunday car" that I consistently get 21 to 22 mpg. As I said, it starts, runs and drives great.

Come to my house, give me money, and drive it away. I am confident this car would cross to the East coast and back without a hitch. It has been back and forth from the Bay Area to Reno at least 2 dozen times or more!

I have 3 other Alfa projects waiting and need the space. As former Vice-President and President of the Alfa Romeo Association in the Bay Area, many of you know me and have read my column in the "Overheard Cams" I have always tried hard to take care of my cars and respect the Alfa marque.

Please call me if you have any questions, but do not insult me with $500 "low ball" offers please.


Michael Pordes
[email protected]
home 707 864-1066
cell 707 631-2816

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No Good News Here, Either...

I checked with a smog check tech with more than 20 years experience and his shop's owner who has been a certified tech longer than his employee. I trust their opinions, and both agree: there's no simple cure for high NO/NOX. For your sake and for the sake of keeping another Alfa in California I was hoping they could recommend something simple like some fuel additive, but it does look like the best bet to keep it on the road is keeping it on some other state's roads. It might be cool to take a "continuation" roller like a Cheetah and make the only Alfa-powered Cheetah, but that would still require parting it. I wish I had some good news to offer. Sorry...

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