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The 1995 Alfa Romeo 164LS was the last year of production of this high-performance four-door sedan. Originally a California Car in exceptional condition the car was shipped East after I purchased it. Service Records going back to 2010 in CA showed rigorous maintenance, but the car was not up to my performance standards. So it was to turned over to Alfredos of Larchmont, NY for a complete tune-up. Alfredo is a Legend amongst Alfa Romeo afficiandos in the NY Metro Area and New England. His master mechanic has over 40 years of Alfa experience.

This Alfa Romeo 164LS now performs flawlessly in every respect. Exterior paint work and trim in as new condition. (It may have been repainted in CA.) Interior trim including Leather, Carpets, Dashboard, Headliner, Sunroof, Console all in pristine condition without any scratches, tears, worn spots. Front floor Mats with genuine Alfa Romeo logo. View my posted Photos.

Tune-Up Technicals Summarized:

New Intake Manifold Hoses, New Spark Plugs (Leak-Down Test A-OK)
Check Timing Belt and Tensioner (It was already replaced in CA 2,300 miles ago)
Reset Engine Crankshaft Timing to Factory Specs (It was set in CA but off by nearly two teeth!)
Adjust Twin-Cam Valve Timing
Replace Air Meter (Defective unit was a re-build)
Change Oil, Filter & Air Filter, Coolant Flush & Change
Adjust Hydraulic Clutch
Replace stuck-open Coolant Thermostat (Engine was running too cold)
Repair cable to the LCD Heater and A/C Panel Display
Replace fixed radio antenna with an automatic power antenna.
Front Brakes were done in CA 2,300 miles ago.
Original Radio (saved) replaced with KDR210 and four new speakers 2,500 miles ago.
New Tires on all Wheels in CA 1,000 miles ago.
Charge-Up A/C
Original Mileage 108,336 miles.
Tune-Up and all NY work done only 200 miles ago.

Best Offer over $8,000. Lots more photos available via e-mail.
Car is located in Pawling, NY about 40 miles North of White Plains, NY in suburban Westchester County.

Contact: Sheldon Rubin at 914-937-6376 (Tu, Th, Fr) or 973-455-3549(M & W)
[email protected]
I will be travelling all next week from 3/21 to 3/30 so use e-mail.


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Very nice car, and great color.

Curious though, how do you adjust valves on a 24V? I thought these had hydraulic lash adjustment.
You don't adjust valve clearances on 24v engine but you can adjust cam timing.
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