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1995 164ls engine for sale

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Just like the title says. Engine has 50,700 miles. Just well. If your interested let me know. Any reasonable offer will be accepted. If your in the SF Bay Area, you can hear it run.
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164 Engine

HI. What part of SF are you in so I can see if I can get by? I'm in the East Bay. Thanks.
I'm in Portola. Near Bayshore and Silver.
I thought u had 164S... did u get this for ur GTV6 swap??

This is not the white one. This is a 95 champagne. Totally diffrent car. I originally bought it for my gtv6 swap. I have too many cars and something has to go. I have a 3.0 verde milano too. I'll sell that one too.
Rebumping this thread. Selling complete car. Moving and I don't want to take it with me.
Hi Marcelo,

where have you been all these days :)??

What did you do with your white one??

sent PM a minute ago
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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