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I'm selling my very clean and very rare, 1995 Alfa Romeo 164 Q. The VIN number is ZARED33R5S6314514. The firm Price is $8000
The vehicle is stored in my garage and available for inspection. The paint shines beautifully. The leather seats are camel/tan and in good condition all around. The audio system is still the original cassette player with 12 CD changer in the trunk. This is a very nice example of the last model year for the 164 Q. Only about 35 of these Qs were sold in 1995. It has been thoroughly enjoyed by me, the second owner, hence the mileage, 166K. This is not a garage queen (why would anyone want to park a 164 Q in a garage rather than drive it every day, I will never understand). I love driving this car daily as it is very fast, handles great, and has all the creature comforts (expect a cup holder). The new B&G Coil Springs on all 4 corners along with the low profile tires on 17" wheels has enhanced the handling quite a bit as it corners amazingly flat. With a new compressor installed within the past 20K miles, the A/C works great and has just been serviced for the summer season.

This car is ready to be driven for many trouble free miles since it has just received the following service (all within the past 300 miles and 4 months):

A full timing belt service.

New water pump.

New Thermostat.

New Bosch thermostat sensor.

New fuel pressure regulator.

New Fuel Pump basket sleeve (replaced small in tank hose).

New Fuel Filter.

New clutch package.

New clutch master cylinder.

New Brembo front brake rotors

Rebuilt calibers all around

New B&G Sports Springs on all four corners

New lower control arms.

New lower ball joints.

New tie rod ends.

New Front Stabilizer Bar Bushings all around.

New Rear Trailing Arms.

New 17” Eurosport Five Spoke Wheels with new Falken 225x45x17s

New Fog lights.

New Headliner panel.

The car was repainted about a year ago, and has had the following items replaced within the last 20K miles:

All Engine mounts (including dog bone bushing) and Transmission mount.

Power Steering Pump

A/C Compressor, Dryer, Expansion Valve

Rebuilt Alternator

Heads rebuilt with new valve, valve guides, and all seals.

The following was accomplished at 100K miles:

Replaced Power Steering Rack (new, not rebuilt).

Replaced entire exhaust system from flex pipe on back.

No rips in interior. Interior looks great. All LED readouts work perfectly. Body of car has no rust. All glass is in good condition. All the lenses are in good condition. All Coil Over Packs have been sealed with High Temp RTV, and Cam Covers have been lined with Mylar tape to prevent discharge grounding. Absolutely no misfire issues.

Okay, so here is a list of “issues”:

The “Air Bag” light Blinks about 30 times then stays on steady.

A few dings here and there on the body.

A few scuffs on the bumpers.

CD Changer doesn’t work

Sunroof panel lip interferes when closing (needs to be propped down by hand to close the roof completely).

Left and Right rear window switches/regulator are acting up/intermittent.

Head light washers do not work

Electric Antenna does not retract.

Cruse Control doesn't work

Just can’t think of anything else.

This car is ready to be enjoyed which ever way you want to use it. As you can see, all the “hard stuff” has been done. With a fresh timing belt service and new water pump, you can go 60K miles without worrying about that dreaded quad cam timing belt service (really, it's not that big a deal, but since the entire Alfa community thinks it is, I'll go ahead and make sure you know that changing the timing belt on an Alfa 164 quad cam is no fun) . Expect for the “issues” I listed, I make no excuses for this car. Again, it’s NOT a garage queen, and it's not a show winning 164. This has been my daily driver for the past 10 years, and I have taken extra good care of him (yes, it’s a “he”, not a “she”. I can’t imagine a 164 Q being a “she”. In fact, his name is Bruno the Brute).

Bruno can be a daily driver, or he can be a wonderful weekend tourer (for the most part, these cars are not used as daily drivers, and as such, they can provide years and years of owner pride and pleasure without a bunch of $$$ to maintain them when you start off with a 1995 164Q like Bruno)

So you want to know why I would sell Bruno after doing all this work....The answer is that I need to buy a car for my 16 year old daughter, and you wouldn't buy a 164Q if it needed all this work done to it. The work I listed above as just being done would ring out at approximately $4 grand or more. Would you buy a 164 that needed $4000 worth of work done to it? I didn't think so. These are fantastic cars that when properly maintained, provide you with a great sense of owner pride. The 1995s were by far, the most reliable 164s ever produced. Ask any Alfa mechanic, and he will tell you the same thing. They require nothing more than regular servicing, and attention to details to keep them running as good as these cars can. If you're the type that never thinks of raising the hood on your car, you need to move on to something from the far east....On the other hand, if you enjoy keeping your car in tip top condition, driving a car that is totally unique (I can guarantee you won't run into another 164 Q owner while driving down to your favorite weekend car meet), getting compliments by many envious admirers, AND, getting some grease under your nails every now and then, a 1995 Alfa 164 Q in this condition will make you a very, very happy Alfa Owner.

Bruno has a clear Georgia Title, and is being sold 'as is' , 'where is', with no warranty expressed or implied.
I would not hesitate to drive it home anywhere in the USA.
I have attached 5 photos of Bruno. Email me if you want to see more photos

[email protected]
Joe at 770-831-8654


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Sounds Very Like My 164Q and I would'nt Sell Mine for This

I also enjoy mine very much. Anyone that doesn't think they're really an Alfa has not driven one, especially with the B&G springs and 17" tires. Mine has Michelin PS2's and corners like it's on rails. Hold out for your asking price. I paid $7K for mine several years ago.

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This one looks awesome! I have a red one that I'm thinking of selling and you could get 10K easy. Who says the 164Q aren't real Alfa? It's arguably the last real Alfa before the 8C. Have we seen what's been put out by Alfa (Fiat)? Euro Hatches. They wouldn't have sold well here in US. The 164 is one mean Alfa. I'm sure the 166 is too... JMO

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a 1995 Alfa 164 Q in this condition will make you a very, very happy Alfa Owner.
[email protected]
Joe at 770-831-8654
Anyone that doesn't think they're really an Alfa has not driven one
There is no better cacophony of sound available short of a live F1 race, IMHO. The 24V makes a shrill scream more akin to a large caged jungle feline fighting to be let out than the metallic/mechanical masterpiece that it is. Good luck with your sale Peppydee!

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Well I can confidently say that you guys all missed out big time on this car. Last week I was picked up by Joe at the Atlanta airport and I drove this baby 2000 miles back home to Utah.
Thanks again to Joe for taking such good care of this sweet car. Everywhere I stopped people would approach me and ask what it was and comment at how how good it looked.


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Hi Zac,
I'm so glad all went wewll on your tyrip back home. It was a real pleasure meeting you in ATL, and knowing that Bruno is in such good hands, makes owning it for the past 10 years all the better. I couldn't have asked for a better way to say goodby to a truly awesome "stable mate". Buona Fortuna!!! Stay in touch!!
Joe D.
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